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Today, "Etalon Pack" is the best plant in Ukraine, the greatest and the most powerful plant on the production of metal containers for paint-and-varnish materials and petrochemical products.
"Etalon Pack" in translation means: "Exemplary packing intended for wide range of manufactured products.” The plant name completely reflects the plant essence - its technological effectiveness, power and innovativeness.

" Etalon Pack " means “the best” because:
  • the best equipment of world producers is accumulated at the enterprise;
  • the best specialists from all of Ukraine work at the plant;
  • the enterprise produces first-class solutions for packing of paint-and-varnish materials;
  • the enterprise’s foundation is rational organization and high automation rate of production processes;
  • the products are manufactured from high-grade European raw materials;
  • the enterprise renders the complete range of services: from digital pre-printing treatment and high-quality offset printing to optimally organized mass production and JIT delivery. 
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