Reliability and practicality

Main About the company Reliability and practicality
We are trusted because end users of our Customers’ products values reliability and packing usability. To attain this, it is necessary to possess thorough knowledge in many complicated areas, and that allows us to achieve successful results. During production of metal tare for your products, we focus on optimal functionality, so your products on the way to the end user will be totally secured while transportation, storage and use. Our aim is to offer the best packing for your materials. To achieve this aim, we are constantly working on the improvement of our technologies.
Our advantages:
  •  ideal packing material;
  •  reliable protection of the content;
  •  high practical value for the end user;
  •  permanent high and reliable quality;
  •  rational organization of production processes;
  • innovative packing decisions.

We regularly test the equipment and control quality: mechanical strength of cans at compression and at surplus pressure, seams’ tightness on an air-and-water tester under the pressure of 20-30 kPa (0,2-0,3 kg/ within 5-10 sec. 

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