Main Production

Conical cans

We offer cans of exclusive form and of two universal sizes - 1,0 L and 1,1 L that replace the great number of ordinary cylindrical cans with 99 mm in diameter. Our cans are manufactured on fully-automatic equipment, the special type of can being obtained by the method of treatment on multiposition automatic expanders. The special blocking lock on a lid in the form of a "banana chainlet" as well as plastisol increase can tightness that allows to use it for storing highly fluid materials.


The buckets produced by our company are cone-shaped packing with one enforcement rib. Every has a metal handle made of the zinc-coated wire of 2,7 mm in diameter, for moving comfort. Buckets are supplied in a complete set with the "Master" type lid.

Cylindrical cans

Cans with the lid pressed in a ring are a type of packing that has been tested within many years, reliable and suitable for all kinds of paint-and-varnish products. This type of packing is used not only in DIY stores of building materials, but also in professional sphere.

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