Main Quality
Modern system of quality control of the products manufactured by us is introduced at our enterprise. This system includes extended complex of measures beginning from incoming quality inspection of materials and raw stock, performing of thorough control in every area of the technological process and finishing with the total control of the ready-made products.
Quality control is performed according to the next basic parameters:
  • control of the surface original appearance;
  •  determining of sizes using high-precision digital control instrumentation;
  •  metal thickness is controlled by an electronic micrometre of extended precision;
  •  determination of container tightness is made at an air-to-water tester;
  • control of lids’ tightness is checked up by inner surplus pressure;
  • control of cans’ mechanical resistance against compression is made at a press that provides strain measuring with allowable inaccuracy of no more than ± 2.0 % of the measured value;
  • quality of welded seams is controlled visually (control of welding points) and mechanically (disruption test);
  • determination of strength of handles and their fastening using an universal device with the reproduced loading up to 588N (60kgs);
  •  determination of the final weight of the ready-made products with the application of laboratory electronic scales made by "AXIS";
  • correspondence of colour gamut to layouts is controlled with the application of the spectrocam spectrometer with the subsequent data processing on the PC. 
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